Neck Lift Surgery & Neck Liposuction By Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi

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As we age, it is common for skin to relax and sag below the chin. In some cases, the loose skin forms rings around the neck or concentrates in one area below the chin, giving the appearance of a “turkey neck.” This can detract from the face and make you feel self-conscious in public. Dr. Tansavatdi is an experienced female facial plastic surgeon who has helped many patients in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Simi Valley, Malibu, Calabasas and Santa Barbara restore the shape of their necks with neck lift surgery and/or neck liposuction.

What Can Neck Lift Surgery Accomplish at Tansavatdi Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery?

The neck lift procedure removes unwanted fat and skin, giving the neck a slimmer and more youthful contour. The surgery also tightens the platysma muscle, which usually separates and sags over time, further contributing to an unsightly neck appearance. By performing neck lift surgery / neck liposuction, Westlake Village surgeon Dr. Tansavatdi enhances the shape and appearance of the entire neck region, helping you look and feel better regardless of your age.

Neck Lift Surgery Candidates

Individuals who have what they describe as a “double chin,” “jowls,” or “turkey wattle,” are excellent candidates for this procedure. Also, if you have had a high neckline in your youth, this procedure can help return your neck to a more attractive, defined appearance. Dr. Tansavatdi can help you decide which neck lift technique is best for you and whether neck liposuction is necessary. To determine your candidacy, Dr. Tansavatdi will first discuss your medical history and whether you suffer from any major medical conditions that may increase the risk of complications. She will then closely assess the amount of excess neck fat and skin in order to develop an individualized treatment plan for best results.

How Is Neck Lift Surgery Performed?

Neck lift surgery is a very versatile procedure with a number of surgical options that depend on each patient’s unique aesthetic needs. Dr. Tansavatdi performs various types of neck lift surgery, including “skin only” neck lift and neck liposuction for removal of fat deposits. The placement of incisions depends on the extent of the procedure and your individualized treatment plan. However, regardless of the surgical technique, the incisions are placed at strategic areas of the neck where they will essentially be undetectable following surgery. After removing excess skin, fat and tightening the muscles in the neck, Dr. Tansavatdi closes the incisions with sutures or staples. Surgical dressings are applied to facilitate healing and minimize swelling.

Neck Lift Recovery

Recovering from a neck lift procedure can last up to one week, after which patients can return to work. Specific recovery time and final results vary from one patient to another depending on the surgical technique used and the level of invasiveness. In general, patients see final results within four months. Throughout their recovery, all patients (including Westlake Village facelift, eyelid lift and rhinoplasty patients) are closely observed by Dr. Tansavatdi. Postoperative instructions are extremely important and following them closely will ensure a smooth and safe recovery.

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If you are concerned about the excess skin and fat in your neck area, please contact Dr. Tansavatdi at (805) 715-4996 to learn more about neck lift surgery or neck liposuction at her Thousand Oaks plastic surgery office. She can give you her expert opinion and help you decide which treatment option is best for you.