Fractora: Fractional RF Resurfacing

Fractora: Fractional RF Resurfacing

Fractora is a minimally-invasive procedure that improves skin texture, reduces wrinkles and creates a more youthful appearance. Fractora uses safe radio-frequency (RF) energy to revitalize your body’s collagen and rejuvenate skin around your forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth, neck, chest, arms, knees, elbows and other areas of the body.

How does Fractora work?

Fractora is administered using a hand-held device that contains a group of microscopic pins. This device creates tiny punctures in your skin. It then uses radio frequency energy to heat the deep layers of your skin and stimulate your body’s formation of collagen. As a result, your skin becomes tighter and less wrinkled. In addition, the device promotes healing – as well as reduces redness, scarring and discoloration on your face and neck.

How is Fractora performed?

Fractora is performed using a special hand-piece that contains a group of microscopic pins. Dr. Tansavatdi will decide on the optimal depth of the pins, the level of RF energy needed, the areas to be treated, and the number of treatment sessions to achieve your desired result. Treatments take between 30 and 45 minutes. Local anesthetic will be administered to keep you comfortable. Topical numbing cream will also be applied before treatment for 30-60minutes.

You may experience redness or swelling for the first few days, as well as tiny scabs in the treated area. You will need to keep the area well-moisturized and to wear sunscreen. Makeup can be worn three days following your treatment. The full results can be seen within three months. You may need between one and six Fractora treatments to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Who is a good candidate for Fractora?

Fractora is used to treat wrinkles, scars, acne scarring, loose skin, redness and skin irregularities in the face, neck and anywhere on the body. Patients must be in good health and have reasonable expectations for the procedure. Fractora does not treat deeper tissues, so Dr. Tansavatdi will advise you if a facelift and/or neck lift would better meet your aesthetic goals.

Fractora does not cause excessive hyperpigmentation reactions in darker skin types and as a result it is an ideal treatment for wrinkles, loose skin and acne scarring in Asian, Hispanic, African-American and other ethnic skin types. In addition, since the treatment delivers energy through needles that penetrate the skin surface and the overlying skin is minimally damaged, the treatment can be used safely to treat loose skin in other areas of the body like the chest, arms, thighs, knees and elbows.

How long does Fractora last?

This answer depends on the quality of your skin and the extent of the treatment needed. In general, the benefits of Fractora are permanent. However, Fractora does not arrest the aging process and you will continue to lose collagen as you age. Thus, additional treatments may be needed once per year to maintain your results and to stimulate new collagen..

Can Fractora be combined with other procedures?

Absolutely! During your consultation, Dr. Tansavatdi will discuss your aesthetic goals and how to best achieve the look you desire. Many of our Westlake Village facial plastic surgery patients choose to combine Fractora with other procedures to create a more youthful appearance.