Latisse® for longer, thicker eyelashes

If you were asked to select your favorite cosmetic, chances are you would choose mascara. Having long, thick and dark lashes brings attention to your eyes, which are the focal point of your face. Long lashes also help many women feel young, beautiful and sexy.

Latisse® is an FDA-approved treatment that will lengthen, thicken and darken your eyelashes. It is specifically formulated for patients with short lashes or few lashes. After using Latisse®, many of Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi’s Thousand Oaks patients report that they no longer require mascara or eyelash extensions.

How does Latisse® work?

Since 2001, ophthalmologists have been using a prescription eye drop – called Lumigan — to treat glaucoma. These physicians noted that their patients’ eyelashes grew longer – often to the point they needed to be trimmed! This side effect was very appealing to patients and was the genesis for Latisse®.

Latisse® was FDA approved in 2009 to help treat sparse or slow-growing eyelashes. Latisse® contains bimatoprost, the same ingredient as Lumigan, however it is applied to the edge of the top eyelid to avoid direct contact with the eyeball. Researchers believe that Latisse® works by keeping eyelash hair follicles in their growth phase for a longer period of time, thus leading to longer and thicker lashes.

How is Latisse® applied?

Latisse® is applied once per day at the base of your top eyelid. The process is very similar to applying eye liner to the upper eyelid. You do not need to apply Latisse® to your lower eyelid, because Latisse® will spread when you blink.

Dr. Tansavatdi will instruct you on how to use Latisse® to make sure that you are applying it correctly.

How long does Latisse® take to lengthen lashes?

Most of our Thousand Oaks patients notice an improvement after a month. Depending on how quickly (or slowly) your lashes grow naturally, the treatment can take up to four months. Once you are satisfied with the length of your lashes, you can apply Latisse® twice a week for maintenance.

Is Latisse® permanent?

No. Latisse® must be applied regularly to maintain the length and thickness of your lashes.

Am I a good candidate for Latisse®?

The best way to discover if you’re a good candidate for Latisse® is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tansavatdi in our Thousand Oaks office, so that she can review your medical history and make sure that Latisse® is safe for you. Latisse® cannot be used if you are taking certain antibiotics or heart medications, certain eye conditions, if you have specific allergies, or if you have a skin infection on your eyelids. Latisse® is not recommended for women who are pregnant.

What are the side effects of Latisse?

Latisse® is very safe when applied properly. The most common side effects are red or itchy eyes and are reversible. Some patients experience darkening along the upper eyelash line. This looks much like eyeliner and is not a problem for most of our Thousand Oaks patients. Latisse® may also cause a darkened color to your eye color and must be appropriately applied to avoid this side effect.

To learn more about Latisse®, please call our Thousand Oaks office at (805) 715-4996 or send us a consultation request today!