Reverse the Aging Process with Micronized (or Micro) Fat Grafting and PRP

Although many of our Westlake Village patients dislike fat on their bodies, they recognize it’s the fat on their face that gives them a plump, youthful appearance. During the aging process, the loss of fat volume around the eyes and cheeks causes a hollowed, sunken appearance. In addition, the loss of fat volume creates folds and wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks and jowls.

Until recently, dermal fillers and fat grafting were the most viable options for restoring volume in the face. However recent advances in fat transfer techniques now enable Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi, a board certified facial plastic surgeon, to more safely and precisely restore facial volume to create a more youthful appearance.

What is Micro Fat Grafting?

Traditional fat transfer has been used for facial rejuvenation for over three decades. During the traditional fat transfer process, fat was suctioned from the stomach, buttocks or thighs. The fat was then processed to remove the blood and oil and transfer only the fat cells which were then skillfully re-injected into your face. More than half of the fat cells would not survive the fat transfer because the volume of the fat cells were large and lumpy and did not allow for blood vessels to grow to the implanted fat. And since more than half of the fat cells did not survive the transfer, Dr. Tansavatdi would need to “over inject” the area, so that your face would look natural following the healing process. Swelling would persist for up to six weeks following a traditional fat transfer procedure.

With the new micronized fat transfer technique (also known as micro fat grafting), the harvested fat is further purified to truly isolate the fat cells. These fat cells are of a much smoother consistency and are not damaged by the harvest process. The cells are then mixed with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), harvested from your own blood, which contains concentrated levels of growth factors. This enables Dr. Tansavatdi to precisely inject the individual fat cells into areas of volume loss and instantly see the results.

What are the advantages of Micro Fat Grafting?

Micro-fat grafting has many advantages. Because Dr. Tansavatdi is injecting your body’s own cells, there is no chance of allergic reaction. The injected fat also looks and feels natural. Best of all, using your body’s fat cells lasts up to ten times longer than using fillers!

What happens during a Micro Fat Grafting treatment?

Your micro-fat grafting procedure will be performed in our Westlake Village office using local anesthesia. For the first part of the procedure, a small liposuction cannula will be used to remove fat from your stomach, flanks, buttocks or thighs. Dr. Tansavatdi will make sure that you are completely numb and, although you may feel tugging, you will not feel any pain.

Next, Dr. Tansavatdi will prepare the harvested fat for injection into your face by isolating the fat cells, processing them into smaller particles and then mixing them with Platelet Rich Protein (PRP). She will then cleanse your face and provide both a topical and local anesthetic for your comfort. Dr. Tansavatdi will carefully inject the fat cells into the hollowed or wrinkled areas of your face. You may have mild bruising or swelling that should resolve within a week.

Am I a good candidate for Micro Fat Grafting with PRP?

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for Micro-Fat grafting with PRP is to make an appointment with Dr. Tansavatdi in our Westlake Village office. Micro-Fat grafting with PRP is very safe because it uses your body’s own fat cells. Micro-fat grafting with PRP may not be feasible if you do not have enough body fat to transfer, if you have certain bleeding disorders, or if you have an infection on your skin. Patients who smoke will be asked to not smoke for at least four weeks before and after the procedure.

How long do the results from Micro Fat Grafting last?

Results can last five years and up to ten years, depending on your genetics, age, rate of fat loss as you age and the quality of your skin. Dr. Tansavatdi’s experience is that micro-fat grafting lasts five to ten times longer than fillers.

Can Micro Fat Grafting be combined with other procedures?

Yes it can! During your consultation, Dr. Tansavatdi will discuss your aesthetic goals and how to best achieve the look you desire. Many of our Westlake Village plastic surgery patients choose to combine Micro-fat grafting with other procedures to create a more youthful appearance.