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Hydrafacial Treatments in Westlake Village

Hydrafacial® treatments have the ability to help your skin become clearer, cleaner, smoother, more radiant, and more even-toned. Dr. Tansavatdi is proud to offer this medical-grade facial, as it has incredible healing properties and long-lasting results. Our patients are in love with how Hydrafacial treatments can brighten, revitalize, and protect their skin. If you’re in the Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks area, and ready to improve the health and appearance of your skin, Dr. Tansavatdi can help with a Hydrafacial.

What can Hydrafacial treat?

A Hydrafacial will leave your skin feeling refreshed and vibrant. Dr. Tansavatdi recommends this medical-grade facial for those who want to improve:

  • Dull complexion
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Oily skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Acne
  • Dark spots
  • Clogged/enlarged pores
  • Hyperpigmentation
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How is Hydrafacial MD different from other treatments?

HydraFacial MD is a non-invasive treatment with an award-winning technology that has the ability to transform dull, uneven skin to a more radiant, refreshed, and healthy appearance. The treatment combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection in one outstanding facial. Not only does Hydrafacial plump and improve the look of your skin; it also restores it to its healthiest state.

Treatments can be customized to target your specific skin concerns, and take as little as 30 minutes—a small amount of time to get big results. The results from a Hydrafacial also stay for much longer than regular facials. Benefits from typical facials last just a couple days, but benefits from a Hydrafacial will last for weeks. 

The three incredible steps of Hydrafacial

The power of a Hydrafacial is that its elements work together in three highly effective steps:

  1. Cleanse and Peel: The skin is cleansed and exfoliated, and a brand new layer of skin is revealed.
  2. Extract and Hydrate: Dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and other debris are removed through gentle extraction as the skin is also hydrated.
  3. Fuse and Protect: The surface of the skin is invigorated with a healing serum of antioxidants and peptides to help your skin become much healthier and radiant. 

Hydrafacial’s three steps take your skin from looking tired and dull to looking fresh and glowing. 

Am I a candidate for Hydrafacial?

HydraFacial MD is a fantastic treatment for all skin types. Adults, teenagers, and senior citizens can all benefit from it, but it works especially well on skin that seems dull and tired. The gentle hydration brightens and evens out skin tone, improves discoloration, and restores clarity. It’s ideal for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, and pore size and skin texture are also visibly improved after just one treatment. You can expect your skin to feel smooth, refreshed, and the healthiest it has been in ages. In addition, Hydrafacial is gentle on the skin, which makes it the best approach to treating hyperpigmentation.

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HydraFacial MD has been featured in many magazines, including New Beauty, Allure, American Spa, Skin Inc., Teen Vogue, Brides, Elle, and InStyle. It has also been spotlighted on shows such as Fox News, Good Day LA, and The Doctors Show. See for yourself why this treatment is so popular and effective. If you’re in the Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks area and interested in Hydrafacial, contact Dr. Tansavatdi to learn more. Call our office at (805) 715-4996, or contact us online.

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