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This time is valuable to you, as well as Dr. Tansavatdi. The $300 consultation fee is collected upon booking an appointment and can be applied towards the payment of surgery or treatments. We understand that things come up and would appreciate any rescheduling to be done at least 48 hours or more before your scheduled appointment.

Tansavatdi Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery


A 10% deposit is required at the time of scheduling to hold any surgery date. It is customary and appropriate for surgical fees to be paid in advance of elective cosmetic surgery. All surgical fees are due 2 weeks in advance. If you are unable to keep a surgical date reservation, please let us know at least 3 weeks in advance and we will be happy to reschedule your surgery at no cost to you. If you reschedule your surgical procedure less than 3 weeks before the actual date, again, we will gladly reschedule your surge

However, in this case, we would require that 50% of the surgical fee be paid at the time of re- booking to reserve the new date. This partial payment will be non-refundable without exception.

Surgeries performed at a hospital facility have other associated costs including hospital fees, anesthesia fees, and implant fees if applicable. Our office will contact you directly to arrange payment.


We accept all major credit cards, pre-paid medical account cards, CareCredit, cashier’s checks*, and cash for payment of your fees. We do not accept personal checks* except for cosmetic procedures and only if they are written at least three weeks prior to the scheduled procedure day. We are not able to “hold” checks or delay credit card processing.

*Please make checks payable to Tansavatdi Facial Plastic Surgery.

Tansavatdi Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery


Dr. Tansavatdi takes pride in providing a high level of service and expertise in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and serves as an out-of-network provider for major PPO plans. She will work with you to develop the best care plan at the most reasonable cost to you.

The expenses connected with cosmetic surgery (surgeon’s fees, operating room expenses and supplies, anesthesia fees, laboratory tests including EKGs, etc.) most likely will not be covered by medical insurance. Occasionally, cosmetic surgery is done in conjunction with a procedure that is designed to improve function or is reconstructive in nature. Although our staff will be happy to assist you with your application for any reasonable insurance coverage, please note that even in cases that are clearly functional or reconstructive in Dr. Tansavatdi’s opinion, we cannot guarantee that your particular insurance company will agree with her findings and cover your procedure. How a health insurance plan defines what is “cosmetic” and what is “medically necessary” is very subjective, and there is wide variability from plan to plan.

You must realize that health insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. Tansavatdi Facial Plastic Surgery is not a party to this contract. If your insurance company declines any of the fees associated with our services to you, even those billed as medically necessary but which were declined by your insurer as being cosmetic, medically unnecessary, or an uncovered preexisting condition, you, the patient, are ultimately responsible for all charges incurred.

Where insurance coverage is being contemplated for any portion of a patient’s procedure, we encourage patients to review their insurance policy first and to discuss their case directly with their insurance company. In this manner, the patient can ensure all necessary requirements for coverage, such as satisfaction of any preexisting condition waiting periods, precertification letters, photo documentation, second opinions, and the like are known and met.

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