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Lip Lift Performed by Westlake Village Surgeon Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi

These days, when most people think of a lip augmentation treatment, they think of lip fillers. However, one of Dr. Tansavatdi’s specialties at Tansavatdi Facial Plastic Surgery is a lip lift procedure. Patients love this surgery because they get the lips they want—permanently—and they are look and feel more natural because it’s an enhancement of their natural good looks.

A customized lip lift for a permanent pout

A lip lift procedure raises the skin between the nose and the upper lip (the philtrum), resulting in a fuller, softer look. The shorter the philtrum becomes, the more the top lip is rolled out and made to appear fuller and “poutier”. Each procedure will be customized based on the patient’s specific aesthetic goals. As a lip lift is a surgery, the results are permanent. There will be no need to return every several months, as you do with lip fillers. If you’re in the Westlake Village or Thousand Oaks area and you’re interested in a lip lift, Dr. Tansavatdi can help.

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How Much Does A Lip Lift Cost In Thousand Oaks?

According to RealSelf, the average cost of lip lift surgery is $3,450. Lip lift prices can range up to $6,500, depending on a few key factors. Adding a corner lip lift with an upper lip lift will be more expensive.

  • Some examples of what may influence the cost of your lip lift include the following:
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Which surgical technique Dr. Tansavatdi uses
  • Surgical facility costs
  • Medical tests

During your consultation with Dr. Tansavatdi, she will come up with a recommendation on the surgical approach that will fit your unique needs and features. She may also recommend combining a lip lift with lip augmentation <link> for a more natural definition. The surgical technique she chooses will determine the final cost that is quoted for you. Ultimately, cost should not be the only factor in your decision to choose one surgeon over another and you should take into consideration the surgeon’s experience and your comfort level with that surgeon. Dr. Tansavatdi has placed years of focus on the face and neck which uniquely distinguishes her from other plastic surgeons. 

Because most health insurance plans do not cover lip lift surgery or its complications, we’re pleased to work with CareCredit®, the credit card designed specifically for your health and beauty needs. To learn more about covering the cost of your lip lift with CareCredit®, visit our financing page or call to schedule a consultation!

Recovery from lip lift surgery

A lip lift surgery is more invasive than lip fillers. Therefore, it requires a more of a recovery period, and it’s incredibly important to follow Dr. Tansavatdi’s post-op instructions carefully for the smoothest recovery. Patients may experience a tight or swollen feeling around their mouth, but after a few days to a week, these should subside, and all swelling should go away completely within four weeks. Some patients also notice redness or bruising at the surgical site. Final results from a lip lift surgery are apparent around six weeks after treatment. 

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If you’re ready to love your lips and get a customized lip lift procedure from Westlake Village surgeon Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi, please call (805) 715-4996 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Also serving Thousand Oaks and the surrounding areas.

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