Radiesse® is a dermal filler that is used to smooth moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, as well as to add volume to soft tissues in the face and hands.

Radiesse® adds volume to the face

Radiesse® can add volume to your cheeks and reduce deep lines around your nose and mouth. Most commonly these deep wrinkles are smile lines around the outer portion of the lips, marionette lines that extend upward from the corners of the mouth, and lines around the nose and chin.

Radiesse® adds volume to the hands

Manicures and moisturizing cannot hide the aging process on your hands. Radiesse® is the only dermal filler that is approved to restore volume loss on the back of your hands. Your hands can look more youthful for up to two years following treatment.

Radiesse For Cheeks – Demo With Dr. Tansavatdi

Radiesse For Hands – Demo With Dr. Tansavatdi

Radiesse Before & After: 44 Year Old Female Treated with Radiesse

Nonsurgical Soft Tissue Filler Before and After Photo - Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi
Patient was concerned about the nasolabial folds and marionette lines (smile lines). She received one syringe of Radiesse (1.5ml) to these areas.

Radiesse Before & After: Radiesse Chin Augmentation

Nonsurgical Soft Tissue Filler Before and After Photo - Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi
This patient wanted to balance her facial profile. She was hesitant to pursue surgery for this correction.

Hand Rejuvenation (Radiesse®) Before & After

Hand Rejuvenation (Radiesse®) Before & After

Hand Rejuvenation (Radiesse®) Before & After


How does Radiesse® work?

Radiesse® is composed of small spherical particles (called microspheres) suspended in a water-based gel. These calcium-based microspheres are similar to minerals that are found naturally in your bones, so there is minimal risk of an allergic reaction. Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers that are clear, Radiesse has a thick, milky consistency. Once injected, Radiesse® stimulates your body to produce collagen, which increases the strength and elasticity of your skin. Your body eventually absorbs the microspheres and gel, leaving behind only natural collagen.

What are the advantages of Radiesse®?

Because Radiesse has a thicker consistency than other fillers, it is ideal for adding volume to fleshy areas of the face (such as the cheeks) and the back of the hands. Radiesse® provides immediate, visible results by smoothing deep wrinkles and folds. Because Radiesse® stimulates your body to produce natural collagen, Radiesse® can improve the quality of your skin. The results of Radiesse® are long-lasting; many patients are happy with their results after two years. The results achieved with Radiesse® feel soft and look natural.

How is Radiesse® administered?

Radiesse® is injected using a fine needle and contains lidocaine to keep you comfortable. It is essential that Radiesse® be administered by a medical professional who has a deep understanding of your anatomy and skill with Radiesse®. Dr. Tansavatdi has extensive experience using Radiesse®. She also authored an article, which was published in a prestigious medical journal, to help other practitioners use Radiesse®. Radiesse® injections generally take between 15 and 30 minutes.

Who is a good candidate for Radiesse®?

Patients must be in good health and have reasonable expectations for the procedure. Radiesse® cannot be used if you have a bleeding disorder, are pregnant or are breastfeeding. If you have a skin infection (such as a cold sore, pimple or rash), you must wait until it is healed. Radiesse is approved for patients over the age of 21. During the week before your procedure, you must avoid taking medications and supplements that prolong bleeding.

How long does Radiesse® last?

Radiesse® may last up to two years. In some cases, patients require a touch-up after one month to reach the desired effect.

Can Radiesse® be combined with other fillers and procedures?

Absolutely! During your consultation, Dr. Tansavatdi will discuss your aesthetic goals and how to best achieve the look you desire. Many of our Westlake Village facial plastic surgery patients choose to combine Radiesse® with other procedures to create a more youthful, rested appearance.