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Combat Aging (Part 2)

So in my last video I stopped at the part talking about the importance of health and how that affects your skin and I had talked about sleep because it gives you enough energy. It also fuels your brain to restore itself during your sleeping hours. Now I’m going to talk about a second part to health and that is related to diet. What foods you put in your body to fuel your body. We forget, actually, our Western diet has a lot of foods that create inflammation and the basis of inflammation is that it creates more
damage to the DNA, damages the cells and that’s what’s going to create more aging processes to our skin.

So, how do we prevent the aging process? I’m not trying to say this is the Fountain of Youth, but I’m trying to say what can you do to prevent the aging from accelerating and so one of the key factors is what foods you choose in your diet. The biggest one is that a lot of people use- they want to get a lot of protein. We’re high in protein right now. Everybody say “lots of protein, because you should be eating more proteins than carbohydrates”. And there’s a truth to that. Everything should be a balance though because protein shouldn’t only be from animal sources.

You should also have carbohydrates but people think carbohydrates should be “no breads.” Which is true, you don’t want simple carbohydrates but a good source of carbohydrates or plants leafy green dark green vegetables.That’s your broccoli, kale, collard greens, brussel sprouts, spinach. These are all things that I love to eat in my diet. And some people will say, “God you have so much greens on your plate!”. Well, that’s a good thing and people think that’s a lot of carbohydrates.

Yes, it’s good carbohydrates though, because we balance it with fiber and there’s a lot of fiber in that food group so, then release of glucose into the bloodstream is very controlled when there’s a large amount of fiber in your diet so that you don’t have spikes of glucose. When you have spikes of sugar in your system then your body is going to release certain hormones that are inflammatory and that damages your cells, damages the DNA and results in aging. Okay, so that’s one tip I would say is to increase your leafy green vegetables. I know you’ve heard that before but in a way probably haven’t heard it the way I’m talking to you about it and how it affects yourselves and the aging process.

Thank you for tuning in. I’ll give you some more information about diet in my next video.

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